Why I embraced my curly hair (a racial statment)

I mostly shy away from anything that can be linked to race. Even-though I have always wanted to speak out: race, politics, and religion are things I have always kept to myself. Sometimes even hiding my views from my loved ones or trying to change them to make other people accept me.

On the 20th of July, I decided to go cut all my damaged hair and go ‘natural’. No more straighteners, blowdryers, relaxers, braids or weaves. I was tired of conforming to society’s standards of how I had to look.

The beauty dagma

We all come across this idea of western beauty on a daily bases. The billboard you walk past daily, the beautiful long straight hair on a shampoo bottle, the girl on the cereal box staring at your face…

They have a couple of things in common, they are mostly (not always things have changed) white and have straight hair. And yes, this affected me too. Even though my skin is white, my ethnicity isn’t.

And to fit in I did what every other insecure girl would do. I tried to change every single thing that signaled me being different compared to others. I started asking my mum to make my hair ‘straight’. I wanted a relaxer ASAP, get my hair straightened or have braids…

Why? Because I didn’t want people to stare at me or ask me why my hair is messy or why it’s so big. I hated being the exotic different one who not even my teachers or other people with albinism could place.

Western beauty can F*** it

So yes, I gave up on the western idea of beauty and embraced my own. I will not be put down by social media or by anyone telling me I look messy or why my hair can’t be ‘normal’. And I know I am not the only one going true this right now.

Don’t be the girl wishing to be accepted, be the girl who accepts yourself for who you are. Relax, straighten, texturize, braid your hair FOR YOURSELF. Don’t do anything to please others.

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